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Private Guardian ad Litem

Private Guardian Ad Litem

Private Guardians ad Litem (PGALs) are appointed by the court in high-conflict family law cases to represent children in family court. I love being the voice for the most innocent parties in family court and I work hard to understand and fight for my clients’ best interests.

As a public defender in Twin Falls, Idaho, I represented juvenile clients accused of offenses in the juvenile court as well as parents whose children had been placed in foster care by the state. Now, as a PGAL in Utah Family Law cases, I draw on that experience to help connect with my clients and to help them understand the court process. I regularly meet with my clients as well as others such as their parents, therapists, teachers, relatives, and anyone else who can help me understand what will best serve the children’s best interests.

In my role as a PGAL and as an advocate for my clients, I also draw on my mediation experience to help the parents learn to work together: In the vast majority of cases, children are best served if they have a strong and healthy relationship with both of their parents, so I work to strengthen the coparenting relationship so that both parents understand how to best promote the children’s relationship with both parents.

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If the court has ordered that a PGAL be appointed in your case or if the parties will be asking the court to appoint a PGAL, I would love to help. To check on my current availability, call (801) 707-1370 or contact me online.

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